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Use of email is about to strike 3 billion users worldwide, with a total of 205 billion emails sent every day. Email has an average Return on Investment of $38 for each $1 spent. 80% of the professionals across the world claim that email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. Emails are preferred by 72% of the consumers as their medium of business communication. While 61% of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly, 28% of the total consumers covet these emails to come more frequently. Emails are actively checked on phones by almost 88% of the total smartphone users. In a nutshell, email marketing service is all about building relationships.

An extremely effectual digital marketing approach of sending emails to prospects and customers is termed as email marketing. Generally, it insinuates sending messages through emails with the tenacity of augmenting the relationship of the company with the current as well as the previous customers, from uplifting repeat business and customer loyalty to sharing third-party ads. Email Marketing enmeshes employing email to request business, send advertisements, or beseech sales, with the intention of building fidelity, faith and brand awareness.

Email audit is a wide-ranging term that entails a variety of special tasks. Email audit is aimed at keeping a check on Marketing Directors, Managers, and Agencies involved in email marketing, so as to improve their marketing automation. These checks can be self-run, then again, walking through it with a colleague or an external client can bring in a better result than the former. Email audit has been boiled down from an extra extensive and detailed evaluation process used whilst consulting.

Drip emails are another important sector of email marketing strategy. They are an array of marketing emails that are sent out automatically at fixed schedules. These emails can be adjusted based on triggers or actions the person has done, for example, signing up for your service or making a purchase. As these emails are sent out depending on the behaviour of the audience, they are sometimes called behavioural emails.


Some of the major tools for email marketing are:
Litmus :Litmus is one among the most sought-after design and spam testing services for email marketing. It is integrated with Campaign Monitor to provide spam testing and inbox previews. The spam tests and inbox previews of the litmus are paid feature for Campaign Monitor customers available on Basic and Pay-per-campaign plans.
Mail Chimp :It is a marketing automation platform that provides an email marketing service, reporting the use of interactive graphs, allowing you to effortlessly view the activities connected with your emails. MailChimp integrates with Google Analytics, providing added vision to your campaigns so as to analyse the revenue your campaigns are creating.
Reach Mail :It helps you to create, deliver and track your email campaigns. ReachMail shows data points on your open rate, opt-out rate, and spam report. By keeping an eye on the stats of each campaign and analysing the performance, you can assess your marketing reach and adjust your emails to get the results you want.
Active Trail :It has a commanding “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” editor, image hosting, HTML and plain text emails, image hosting, real-time analytics, and just about every feature you could want in email marketing to achieve the best of it.
Mad Mimi :It is an email marketing service that enables users to create, send and track email campaigns or the emails sent out, without using templates.
Email marketing is an exceptionally effective marketing strategy but is extremely difficult to get right. The crusaders at SuperX Growth Hackers work on enhancing the business-client relationship, acquiring new customers and increasing sales. From an out-and-out review of the website to branding and other marketing material, our superheroes come up with harmonious email communications. Email Marketing is, in spite of everything, a big-league amongst supreme advertising channels and we, the SuperX Growth Hackers, have succeeded in placing ourselves as experts among the Email Marketing Companies by rendering every effort to provide our clients with the best outcome from Email Marketing.
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