C.R.I. is a household name associated with pumps, pipes, wires & cables, valves and solar system

Be it for Residential, Agriculture, Industries, Building, Waste Water, Mining, Oil & Gas & Civil Applications and Solar System. With Over 5 decades of engineering expertise, they have a strong distribution network of over 5000 channel partners and 1500 service centers, operated through 38 sales offices across the Globe. They also hold a fortified presence, globally over 120 countries across six continents.


CRI wanted to appraise their dealers & distributors regularly through Promotion & communication materials.

They approached us for the conceptualization & design of those communications. These communications have to make them proud of the association, and also allow them to recommend CRI products with confidence to all their customers.


After a brief study of all their dealers, their geography and behaviors, we came up with a quarterly magazine that continuously appraises them about the CRI achievements and developments.

A clean and simple- visually appealing magazine that communicates visually and contextually with them. All their dealers have an average age of 40+ years. So, considering their age into account, we decided to play more with colors and visuals. Hence, it is always easy for them to grasp the content at a single shot with just the turn of pages.
The magazine had tips and hacks for dealers on customer satisfaction & retention. Our “Go digital” segment had a simplified explanation on migrating all their processes to the CRI web application. We even went on to teach simple digital marketing techniques for the dealers through the magazine
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The magazine actually created a lot of buzz among the dealers. They learned a lot about their principal company and their processes, which bridged the communication gap between the dealers and the company. A huge chunk of their dealers moved all their processes to CRI web application, also a lot of their mechanics enrolled for Bandhan scheme after looking into the notifications from the magazine.
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