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Content marketing is the present and future of digital marketing. Over and above, thrice the lead as outbound marketing is generated by the content marketing with an expense that is 62% less than the former. An average of 2000 ads/day was viewed by a person in 1984, but, the count rose to 5000 by the end of 2014 and now, the amount is pretty sure to be enormous.50% of people falling within the age group of 18 to 49 get a hold on their news and information online.70% of the online consumers are more likely to buy a product upon reading recommendations on a blog. Proper content marketing strategy scrapes up conversion rates six times higher than other methods.

The marketing strategy that focuses on creating, publishing and spreading out content to the target audience present online is termed as content marketing. This method of marketing is not just inexpensive but also efficient, compelling and subtly persuasive. Content marketing exerts a pull on prospects and transmutes prospects into customers by generating and sharing valuable free content. It helps companies to create viable brand fidelity by providing precious information to consumers, in turn generating the willingness to purchase products from the company. Direct sales are not taken into consideration; instead, content marketing builds trust and rapport with the target audience. The different types of content writing services includes:
The different types of content writing services includes

Copy Writing : The art and science of writing promotional materials and ads that sell a product or service, aiming to convince the prospective customers to buy the product or avail the services is known as copy writing. A copywriter is capable of reaching out to millions of people at once through billboards, blogs and many more. Copywriting is entirely about persuading the readers to take actions that might be purchasing, opting-in, or engaging with a product, service, or company.
Content Writing :The form of online writing closely related to the digital marketing movements is known as content writing. Contents, that enhance the promotion as well as selling of the products and services appearing on websites, are created by content writers. Content writers give birth to extravagantly ravishing content for the target webpage from the brief, defining the task and SEO related requirements, provided by the clients.
Creative Designing :The process of visual communication that uses typography, photography, and illustration to ease the digital marketing efforts and problem-solving flairs is known as creative designing. Coming up with unique, effective and memorable designed visual art and page can enrich the relationship of the consumers with the company.
Video Content :Content that uses videos to promote brands, products or services is known as video content. Video and marketing go hand in hand like childhood sweethearts. Videos have taken the digital world by storm being the most absorbed content on the internet at present. They are easily accessible, therefore, the gold mine for SEO boosting the conversion rates. Videos are highly effective in establishing an emotional connection between the firm and the consumers.
Content marketing is all about triumphing, enduring and making an impact on the audience actively looking for the information you produce. Your content is our priority and we nurture it like our own baby. We, at SuperX Growth Hackers, consider content as not just another commodity and hence, our in-house superheroes write, design, optimize and elicit a prudently crafted content that undoubtedly drives consumers to your company, making us the best choice in your search for quality Content Marketing Agency.
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