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Over and above 80% of the mobile minutes in all markets are spent in applications on smart-phones. A 6% growth is observed in the usage of mobile phones every year. An average of 100 apps is installed on smart-phones, by their owners, of which only 40% are used a month. An average of 9 apps is used a day. Likewise, nigh on 30 apps are used a month. The sum of time spent on each app category differs, for instance, 20% of the total time is spent on Entertainment and communication, 18% on music, 10% on games and so on. Apps cobble together nearly 89% of the mobile media time, while the remaining 11% is spent on websites. For that reason, Mobile App Marketing is an eminent chunk of successful online marketing.

Our Process:
  • Requirement Analysis
  • App Audit
  • Market, Customer Analysis
  • Develop Marketing Plan
  • Execute the Plan
  • Measure User Behaviour
  • Analyse and Refine
The marketing of an application operative on a wide range of smart-phones or mobile devices is known as App marketing. The ultimate aim of App marketing is to draw in the largest possible number of users for an app and thereby generate revenue. Though App marketing can be classified as a part of mobile marketing, it differs from mobile marketing by concentrating on apps alone.
A solid growth strategy is highly essential so as to drive in more users to use your App, to make-up with the increasing number of App in the App store. The best battle-tested mobile app marketing strategy to grow your user base exponentially is the AARR strategy. The different letters stand for different methods, they are.
Acquisition :The form of online writing closely related to the digital marketing movements is known as content writing. Contents, that enhance the promotion as well as selling of the products and services appearing on websites, are created by content writers. Content writers give birth to extravagantly ravishing content for the target webpage from the brief, defining the task and SEO related requirements, provided by the clients.
Attention :This strategy basically deals with the number of users that take action. Most of the Apps use registration process while others simply include downloading and opting-in to receive a notification through the app as their method to influence the users to activate the product.
Retention :This strategy fundamentally deals with the number of users that stay. In several cases, people download and install the app but fail to stay on a longer run. Accordingly, it is vital to engage users in the App from time to time. Apps usually meet this tactic by sending out push messages and email notifications with new and tempting information about the app, consequently encouraging the users to stay.
Referral :1. This strategy deals with keeping account of whether your product is being referred to others. One of the best marketing methods of growing the customer base is “word-of-mouth” or referral. Asking people to refer the App among their contacts and giving them gift cards for each user added by them is the most common referral strategy. Another method among these 4 major strategies is the “Revenue” which keeps a check on whether the users are paying enough.
Apps are offered in numerous designs and are usually incredibly specialized in the functions that users regard helpful. Then again, proper marketing of apps is essential before they gain user attention. You are at the right place; SuperX Growth Hackers is a pioneer in App marketing and has talented superheroes, vowing to give the best outcome of App marketing, any App Marketing Agency could provide you.
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